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Romulo Tijero - Work #24: Vestland Outdoors. Bergen. 18/04/21 - Poster

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Romulo Tijero Lozano (1976) is a French-Peruvian fine art photographer based in
Bergen, Norway. He believes in evolving things. That's why his approach to
photography is also self-therapy. It feeds him with new remarkable experiences. In
that respect, nature and urban life are essential topics for him. He feels that both of
them expand his creative process. Romulo has participated in exhibitions in Italy,
Greece, USA, and Scotland. Likewise, he has achieved recognition in international
competitions such as the 7th Fine Art Photography Awards 2021, Budapest
International Foto Awards 2020, Chromatic Awards 2020, and Tokyo International
Foto Awards 2020.

Art Poster

Size: 70x50