Ignat Wiig -  Glory, AI Test #3 - Poster

Ignat Wiig - Glory, AI Test #3 - Poster

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Ignat Wiig (1992) is a Norwegian photographer born in Belarus right after the fall of the Soviet Union. His work probing the construction of identity, playing with the
visual and cultural codes, celebrities, gender, and photography. Even though studying photography quite recently, he is becoming one of Oslo’s significant
documentarians of youth. He responds to a reportingly conservative, straight forward and wealthy Oslo with both humor, idolism and criticism, appropriating
images of people who fascinates him. Wiig transforms himself, displaying the diversity of human types and stereotypes in his images and with small notes of
despair and hopelessness, he hits the nerve of today’s society. His work builds on these studies in portraiture, character, and charisma. The photographs almost touch the sense of a still-life image; the subjects all pose in a calm, focused way: looking straight at you. The images feel quiet and loud at the same time. Quiet because of the silent mood, and loud because of the strong, rebellious voices documented. Wiig has during a very brief period worked with several major Norwegian musical artists, big names in the Scandinavian fashion industry, shoot covers and been published in ELLE, VOGUE, AnOther Magazine amongst others.


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Size: 50x70